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The selection process


Find the right section on which to build your new home.

Buying the right section for your future home is critical - there are a number of things to consider that you may not be aware of.

Talk to your local Platinum Homes® Consultant early in the process as we can help. We have relationships with subdivision developers and may know of available land before it is advertised.

Also, be sure to check our House & Land listings.

View current House & Land packages


Time to think about the type of home you are going to build.

It is worthwhile taking time to go through the Home Plans section of this website and make notes of the features you like - your dream list.

Don't worry if you can't find exactly the right home - we have many options (too many to show on this website!), Your Platinum Homes® Consultant will assist you in selecting the right plan.

View our most popular plans

Options and extras


We're serious about building the home you desire.

We offer many options, extra inclusions and features from which you can choose to add to make your home just right. Once you have decided on these - your Platinum Homes® Consultant will present you with a quote. Upon acceptance and payment of a small deposit we will prepare the house plans plus a Building Contract (BC). The BC is supplied to you, your solicitor, valuer and financier for approval. The BC stipulates the price and outlines the inclusions you choose.

For more information on inclusions contact your local Platinum Homes® Consultant.

Contact your local Consultant

Financing options


Money. Getting the right advice on finance is critical.

When it comes to financing a home build there are a lot of things to keep-in-mind - such as owners care items, a contingency reserve and funding for your living arrangement during the build. It can pay to consult with a specialist home building financier who understands the complexities of the process. This can ultimately save a lot of money AND could see you build on a smaller deposit than a traditional lender.

Platinum Homes® has a strong relationship with NewBuildTM and can provide an introduction on your behalf. It could well be worth the effort.

For more information on financing with NewBuildTM contact Platinum Homes®.

Contact Platinum Homes

Building your new home


Building time - let's go hammer and nail!

Once the Building Contract is finalised we will apply for Building Consent from your local authority. During this process our house builders will get together with you to select the finishes for your new home. Upon Building Consent approval we will begin construction of your new home.

A Platinum Homes® Project Manager will keep you informed of the progress.

For more information on the building process contact your local Platinum Homes® Consultant.

Contact your local Consultant

It's time!


Your new home is finished! Time to move in!

Once construction is complete and the final Council inspection has been done your Platinum Homes® Consultant will arrange to meet with you for handover. As part of the handover process we will advise you of your maintenance period and product guarantees.

You are now ready to move into your new Platinum Home!

How long does the whole process take? As every home is different, your Platinum Homes® Consultant will advise you of the expected build time.


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