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A smarter home starts here

Download our guide to smart home technology to learn how you could be living smarter.

Taking charge of your home and taking the complications out of your daily life couldn’t be easier with a PDL Wiser™ smart home brought to you by Platinum Homes.

Now you can personalise your home to fit your needs and preferences, and manage it with one simple app.

Plus, if you’ve got a Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can control your smart home with voice commands.

Download your free Platinum HOMES Smart Home guide here

Platinum Homes works closely with PDL by Schneider Electric and uses Wiser™ smart home technology in any new home we’re building. Wiser is a modular and scalable solution designed to be simple for an electrician to install and connect when your new home is wired – and easily customised by you!

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Why upgrade to a Platinum smart home?

A Platinum smart home created with PDL Wiser™ is a simple yet wise investment for your future. With scalable design and modular components, a smart home system can be tailored to suit any lifestyle and added to as your needs change.
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Energy savings
Let your home automatically anticipate your needs and automatically switch off devices, reducing your living costs and environmental footprint.
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Comfort and Convenience
Be in control of every aspect of your home – from the temperature to the lighting to sound – with just a few taps on your smartphone, or a few words to your voice assistant.
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Off on holiday? No worries. Switch lights on and off and open and close the blinds at preset times, and receive notifications of any abnormal moisture issues while you’re away.

Want to see smart home technology in action? Check out our 3D walkthrough of a real Platinum smart home.

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