Protecting your home during winter

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It’s that time of year again. Time to switch on the electric blankets, turn on the heat pumps and rug up by the fire.

We all love having a warm, safe home where we can shelter from the weather during the colder winter months. To make sure you’re prepared as the temperatures drop, here are a few of our top tips to protect your home from the wild weather this winter.


Jul 15, 2022


Roof and gutters

Winter can be tough on the exterior of your home. Wind, rain and, if you’re lucky, snow, can all take a toll on your roof and guttering.

Make sure to check and clean your gutters so water easily flows off your roof and away from your home. If they’re broken or blocked up with leaves and other debris, water can get underneath your roof tiles and start leaking into your home. Also check for any cracks or missing sections of guttering that need to be repaired.

While you’re checking the roof, if you have a chimney, it’s a good idea to ensure it is safe. They can sometimes become clogged with creosote, an oily substance that builds up inside the flue, and animals can even find their way into your chimney and make it their home. You may need to call on a chimney sweep service to make sure it’s clear before you start lighting your fire this winter.


As plants die back, it’s a good time to winter-proof your outdoor area and garden. Check for any long branches that might break in the wind and trim any that are near your roof, guttering or power lines. You could also cut back any trees or shrubs that block the sun from your house and garden, ensuring you’ll get as much sunlight as possible this winter.

Check your outdoor furniture and ensure it’s secured in case of high winds, especially if you have a trampoline. We’ve all seen the crazy stories of trampolines flying away in stormy weather – make sure yours is safely secured!

Curtains and windows

Now is the perfect time to check that your curtains are doing their job.

Opening all your curtains in the morning will allow as much sun as possible into your home during the day, and closing them as it gets dark will help to keep the heat in. If you don’t already have them, it might be worth upgrading to thermal lined curtains to avoid losing a lot of heat through your windows in the evenings.

If you’re having issues with draughts in your home, consider adding draught stoppers or installing weather strips around any doors or windows that might be causing problems.

Heating and air circulation

It’s a good idea to get your heating system checked before we get to the peak of winter. Clean your heat pump and dehumidifier filters before the start of each winter or have someone come and do that for you.

You should also ensure that you’re monitoring the temperature of your home. For example, having your heat pump on too warm can cause condensation and may create mould, increasing your chances of getting sick. The recommended temperature for a heat pump is about 21 or 22 degrees, keeping you warm while staying energy efficient.

If you’re using portable heaters, check the cords and plugs for any issues. The last thing you want this winter is a faulty plug causing a fire in your home.

Have a look at your extractor fans and make sure they’re working properly in your bathroom and kitchen. These fans can make a big difference by removing moisture before it settles into your walls and ceiling. Always remember, a dry home is a warmer home!

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