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Client feedback: Platinum Homes Waikato
24 August 2017


We first started looking around in the Waikato region in May 2016 for our first home for our family.

We looked at multiple houses but didn’t find anything we liked that wasn’t priced out of our budget or required costly renovations. So, we decided to entertain and consider our dream concept of building our own home.

We decided to visit a few show homes in the region. Again we were beginning to feel like that what we wanted vs our budget it was not going to happen for us.

And then we came across Greg and Jacqui at Platinum Homes Waikato. We never ever considered that we could build with Platinum Homes, because let’s face it, a Platinum Home is just that, Platinum! If all other companies said we couldn’t afford them, there was no way we could afford Platinum!

Well, that decision changed our lives forever.

We discovered Platinum Homes have multiple plans in the Alpha and Platinum series’. We fell in love with the Cork plan from the Alpha series, and its priced for a new home owner!

Greg and Jacqui did not tell us you have to have X amount of money, but instead asked how much we could spend and we worked together to achieve our dream home.

After so many No’s to be meet with a YES, we can work with you, we got the feeling we actually felt like we mattered in the property world.

We began the process. Greg, Jacqui and their amazing team held our hand through the entire process. We have fond memories of phone calls and showhome visits and them guiding us through this massive step in our lives.

We cannot begin to thank Greg and Jacqui enough for what they did to support us novices through this process. We never felt alone, we always felt supported and never felt like a question was too much for the team. And now that we are here we still feel like the Platinum team are still there for us at the end of a phone or email.

The quality of this home is top notch. We still walk around amazed that this gorgeous house is our home. We believe that this dream home WOULDN'T HAVE been possible without them.   

Jacqui and Greg, from the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for all the time and craftmanship your team and yourselves have put into our home.

Craig, Janine, Peter and Hamish.


If you're looking to build in the Waikato region, talk to Greg or Jacqueline at Platinum Homes Waikato – call our Cambridge showhome on 07 823 2003 or visit us at 37 Pengover Avenue, Cambridge Park, Cambridge.

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