Covid-19 Update from Platinum Homes


21st of April 2020

To our valued clients and future clients,                                                     

We primarily hope you are well and in good health in your bubbles.

As there is a lot of mis-information circulating around the construction sector in general, I thought it timely for me to update you and provide you with some reassurance and peace of mind during this time.

I want to let you know, that Platinum Homes is in a strong financial position and that the current situation will not affect the starting of, progress, or completion of your new home at this time.    

As you will no doubt be aware, the government has released details of restrictions on construction sites, as we move from level four down to level 3.   

It is our expectation that contractors will be able to return to site, but most likely, in the initial stages, we will be required to limit the number of contractors on site at any one time.  

Of course, we will be looking to implement or progress the construction of your home as quickly as possible, but as these restrictions come into force, it may slow the progress of construction in the early stages when works resume.  

Please be assured, we will be looking to resume construction in a timely and safe manner, for both our contractors and you as our clients.  

Contractors will be back on site, on a staggered basis, to ensure everyone is complying with the social distancing protocols.

They have advised they will be ready to get back on site as soon as they have clarification on when they can do this and from those I have spoken with, they are all very eager to get started again.

We will come out the other end of this in my opinion, with renewed vigour and a sense of positivity and we look forward to getting your homes completed.

On a positive note during this lockdown period, we have sold quite a few homes so the market demand is still strong across the country and we expect that to continue.

Please email me if you have any concerns, are unsure of anything, or need further clarity on any points raised. Or get in contact through our online enquiry form here.


Keep safe. Regards,

Dave Andrew

CEO Platinum Homes NZ


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