Peter & Brigid Liddle, Rodney

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Anticipating building our retirement home, my wife spent several years frequenting showhomes in order to ascertain what was available, at what price, to gain ideas and to evaluate the end products (the houses). Eventually, she found the exact home and floorplan. A Platinum showhome in Karaka. I visited the showhome and was also impressed… 

…My wife had been very taken with the quality of finish of the Platinum showhomes and said so to the female sales consultant. I distinctly remember her reply. She said that a lot of the quality that Platinum put into their houses, you don’t see. I now understand what she meant. Even now, when the house is finished, I know and appreciate what is underneath each surface. The quality of workmanship from beginning to end was very impressive. 

When the house was finished I got a final pleasant surprise, the finish of the house was to as high of a standard as the showhomes. I honestly had expected there to be some difference. So, a stunning house, built to budget and flawless. What more can you want?       

All in all, a fascinating and enjoyable experience. Thank you.

Peter & Brigid Liddle, Rodney

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