How to build a sustainable home

A sustainable home by Platinum Homes

Sustainability is an important part of building a new home and something you may want to think carefully about when choosing suppliers and features.


Feb 21, 2022


With intelligent design, and selection of building materials, fittings and appliances, you can build a beautiful sustainable home that’s tailored to your budget.


When you’re building a new home, location is an important factor to consider. You’ll want to think about the position of your home on the section and try to make the most of the sunshine to reduce the need for heating and cooling – helping to save the planet as well as your bank account.

Take into account which way your home will be facing, which rooms will get the most sun in your design and how you can make the most of your design and layout. Think carefully about the size of your home and the size of different rooms. For example, a bigger living room will take more time to heat and cool, so take that into consideration when planning your layout.

From the inside out

Ensuring your home is well insulated is essential. Insulation creates a heat flow barrier that helps to regulate the temperature inside your home long term, which will reduce your reliance on heating and cooling and lower your carbon footprint.

You’ll also want to think about your windows and opt for double, or even triple, glazing. This will allow your windows to block the heat from entering in summer and keep it in during winter. You might also want to install weather strips under your doors for added thermal protection.

Heating and cooling

It’s important to also consider the ongoing environmental impact of your home during the design phase. Think about how you’ll heat and cool your home and opt for more energy efficient choices.

A heat pump is a great option for any room, providing energy efficient, year-round comfort. Nothing beats arriving home on a cold winter’s day to a welcoming cosy home, or enjoying a cool and comfortable home in the hot summer months.

All Platinum homes come with an inbuilt ventilation system. Ventilation is key to providing a healthy environment inside your home and will transfer warm air from your roof cavity to heat other parts of your home.

If you’ve got the budget, then installing solar panels is another excellent option. Solar panels convert heat from the sun into renewable energy to help power to your home. The panels can be installed on your roof or other areas of your house that see lots of sunshine.

Think about materials

When you’re building a new home you want to make sure you’re using the best materials available – and you may also want to consider the impact those materials have on our environment.

One idea could be to use sustainable timber in parts of your home. Sustainable timber is harvested responsibly – meaning the wood is produced from forests that are replenished, helping to curb endangered hardwood harvesting and deforestation around the globe. Sustainable timber can be used for posts, beams, decking, flooring, cladding, and custom pieces – like a hardwood pergola or recycled bar leaner with matching stools.

You’ll also want to look into different suppliers to see who aligns with your values and what sustainable practices they are implementing. For example, you could look at whether they have a robust carbon off-setting programme or what recycling practices they have in place.

Or talk to us at Platinum about who we recommend, and we’ll set you up with suppliers that better fit your vision for a sustainable home. We can guide you towards environmentally friendly choices, including building materials, design features, additional insulation, and plumbing and lighting fittings.

When it comes to sustainability, every effort counts – no matter how small or large. Platinum Homes has a strong focus on reducing our environmental impact wherever possible and we’re here to help you make your sustainable home dream come true.

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