Top 10 storage tips for your new home

Storage room in a new home

Building a new home is a great opportunity to make sure you never again have storage problems.


Apr 1, 2022

Trends & Design

A bit of careful planning at the start will ensure there’s space for everything you own – from the ice cream maker that you only use occasionally to the camping gear that gets used once a year.

Some storage solutions can be included in the design of your home, while others can be added afterwards.

  1. Before the plans for your new home are finalised, consider whether you’d like a walk-in pantry. This is a great way to store the usual pantry items as well as bulky dry goods, cookbooks, wine racks and kitchen appliances. You can include multiple plugs so you can use the appliances without taking them out of the pantry. You’ll get a clear and clutter-free kitchen yet have everything you need close by.
  2. You may want to explore possible locations for a wine rack or even a wine fridge in your new home. This could be in your kitchen, dining room, pantry or even garage. Just make sure there’s a power point if you’re planning on having a wine fridge.
  3. You’ll need to plan enough space for all your bed linen, towels and spare bedding. If you have a lot of bulky pillows and duvets to store, vacuum-packing them means they will take up a lot less space. You can also put small items in baskets on your linen cupboard shelves to keep a clean, tidy look.
  4. If you’re storing possessions for children who’ve left the nest, a great option is to put their gear in large clear plastic storage bins which can be labelled with details of the contents. That makes it a lot easier to track things down later on. The bins can then be stacked in a spare wardrobe or in the garage, without taking up too much precious space.
  5. Sporting equipment can very easily take up a lot of space – whether that’s golf clubs, bikes, kayaks, balls, surfboards, sporting footwear, gym bags, helmets, fishing or camping gear. Bikes can easily be hung from garage walls or ceiling with large hooks; wall racks can keep footwear tidy; while cupboards (built in or free standing), shelves, hooks and slings can keep other sporting gear from getting under your feet. You can also include shelves, hooks and cupboards for bulky things like strollers, suitcases, chilly bins and gardening equipment. Adjustable shelving and cupboards are a good idea as they provide flexibility when your needs change.
  6. If you have several cars or have large amounts of gear, you may even need to consider whether your planning needs to include an extra garage or extend the size of your garage during the planning stage.
  7. If you’re feeling slightly panicked at the thought of fitting all your clothes into one wardrobe at your new home, then you may want to consider the wide range of storage options now available. These include hanging, drawer and shelving options, as well as racks for keeping shoes aired and tidy. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, you may want to consider a larger dressing room.
  8. If books are a big part of your family’s life, then you’ll need bookcases. These can be freestanding or built-in and can be a design feature in your new home. You may even want a built-in bookshelf for cookbooks in your kitchen or pantry.
  9. Games and hobby equipment can also take up a lot of space. This includes board games, sewing equipment, art supplies, musical instruments and things like Christmas decorations. If these can’t all be accommodated in wardrobes, you may need additional built-in or freestanding cupboard space. This doesn’t necessarily need to be hidden away, out of sight. For example, you might want to keep musical instruments out where you can see them.
  10. Finally, wall mounted TVs, sound systems and entertainment units are a great way to maximise space and avoid clutter in your living room. Just make sure you plan for power points wherever you’re likely to need them.

Moving into your new home is a great opportunity to sort through everything you own and get rid of things you’ve been storing for no good reason.

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