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Need more reasons to build a new home?

There are many great reasons to build a new home, especially with Platinum. We’ve put together a guide with all the information you need on the new home building process, advice on how to select your home building partner, how to get started on your building journey – and even how to finance your build. Download it today.

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Reasons to build

#1 It doesn’t
cost more

The cost of building new compared to the cost of an existing home in New Zealand is variable depending on where you live, but interestingly the costs are often pretty much the same.

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#2 You need
less deposit

Unlike buying an existing property, new builds only need a 10% deposit, which means it’s easier to secure your future when you build with Platinum Homes. Read about your financing options in our New Build Guide so you can make the best decision on your next home.

02 You need less deposit

#3 It’s cheaper
to run

Today’s new homes are designed to reduce ongoing living costs, saving you money by using the latest in energy efficient systems and green technologies.

03 Its cheaper to run

#4 Better building standards

Building code and regulations are constantly being upgraded. Building a new home which conforms to modern building standards will mean your investment lasts longer and won’t require costly improvements.

04 Better building standards

#5 An excellent investment

New builds often appreciate in value during the construction phase itself. On top of this, they offer a tax advantage: the capital gains tax obligation for new builds is cleared twice as quickly as existing properties. This makes them an excellent choice for medium-term investments.

05 An excellent investment

#6 Avoid DIY nightmares

We’ve all heard horror stories of home buyers who’ve found unpleasant surprises during renovations or ended up spending far more than they budgeted just to get the job finished. Avoid renovation headaches and start your journey today with our New Build Guide.

06 Avoid DIY nightmares

#7 Design freedom

Build your new home the exact way you want, right from the start with Platinum Homes. Whether you’re bold and colourful, cool and understated – or somewhere in between – you can design your home to be a true reflection of your personality.

07 Design freedom

#8 Peace of mind

When you build with reputable companies like Platinum Homes, you get the peace of mind of a Master Build guarantee which protects you from any issues that may arrive during or after construction, for a period of 10 years.

08 Peace of mind

Download our New Build Guide today and start creating a home designed around the things that matter most to you.

Download our
New Build Guide